Vmware is just like Hyper V only it compresses memory and let’s you use more CPU resources than traditional hardware. It does this by sharing server resources among the virtual machines in such a way. Vmware’s  technology has been the leader in Virtualization for years now. We can offer Vmware Linked Clones  cheaper than Hyper V  here at Extreme SEO Tools because you can get more Vmware VPS’s out of your hardware than you can Hyper V. And the great thing also about Vmware is that it’s faster connection speed.With Vmware View desktops we use VOIP instead of RDP.  We have two types of Vmware VPS’s here at Extreme SEO Tools. Your regular Vmware VPS Pools  and Linked Clone Pools.


Vmware Linked Clones

Vmware linked clones are VPS’s that share the same base image. So for example, you need a VPS when we set it to provision it will only use the main template’s operating system to read but will write your changes to a separate drive called a persistent drive. So any changes you make will be saved every-time you log in but at the same time saves a lot of space because it’s only one operating system being shared is why we can offer these Virtual Machines much cheaper than if you were to buy any other kind of VPS. We can fit a lot more of these onto a base server than any other type of VPS. Only problem is you cannot edit host file. But you can use your own VPN you do have your own IP address. These are good if you have lot’s of Virtual Assistants and you need a dedicated Pool. We can than assign you and your Virtual Assistants a pool to use weather it be 10 desktops or 5 or even 100 of them. And each user will be given instructions to download the right client. You can even connect to these with your I phone/ I Pad or any mobile device and also have great client for Mac too.


Full Virtual Machines

Instead of sharing a base image we can also offer you full Vmware virtual machines.  These are just the same as your Microsoft Hyper V but we can still fit more of them even though these do not share the same operating system. Vmware’s technology enables the use of memory compression and over allocated CPU resources.  These will be a bit more flexible as far as being able to edit certain things in your desktop such as the hosts file in which many users need for certain programs. You get your own IP address and full rights to everything in your VPS.